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Always Vegan, Always Gluten-Free.

Explore our delicious & nutritious variations of muffin drops in the shop.

Mouthwatering plant-powered muffins? Say what!

Customers Have Said

They're literally just too good.

Celia, Downtown Charleston

AMAZING! Thank you so much for making something healthy so delicious.

Carleigh, Charleston

Best Vegan GF muffins I've ever had! I ate my entire order in a weekend and I'm not even mad about it!

Libby, Downtown Charleston

These are everything I ever needed.

Jenni, Charleston

Those muffins are out of this world!!!!!!

Lauren, Charleston

They're all DELICIOUS! I will be a repeat customer for sure!!

Emily, Charleston

I need to buy more!

Nely, Charleston

Those coffee cake muffins were the best muffins I've ever had!!!

Cait, Charleston

Our Story

Tasty Treats Built With Purpose.

My name is Emily Eldh, your baker at The Muffin Drop! For many years I suffered with severe autoimmune issues. After I was shown plant-based eating as an option for healing, I changed my lifestyle and began the journey of using food as medicine. Iโ€™ve been completely plant-based or โ€œveganโ€, as well as gluten-free since 2016. It has truly changed my life.

The amount of time I spent in the kitchen was exponential once I made this lifestyle shift. I began experimenting with different forms of plant-based flours, eggs, milks - you name it - building different delicious recipes that even I couldn't believe were made of plants. One recipe I couldn't stop testing was for vegan and gluten-free banana chocolate chip mini muffins. So here we are after years of perfecting this recipe, with several other muffin flavors built from it. We hope that you love them too ๐Ÿ’›

We ๐Ÿ’› Plant-Based.

Taking from personal experience, we've seen first hand the magic of eating plants paired with good health. We love to keep our customers in the know about how our products are not only good to eat but good for their bodies.

Brownfox Coffee Tuesdays

We pop-up at many places around the city, but you can find us every Tuesday at Brownfox Coffee in Mount Pleasant!

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