Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a Muffin Drop? A Muffin Drop is one of our delicious mini muffins! 
  • What is a Bundle Box? When you go to order our muffin drops, you'll be able to purchase a 'Bundle Box' which is a box of our three-piece bundles! 
  • How many bundles come in a Bundle Box? There is a minimum order quantity of 4 bundles (12 muffins) of each flavor. After this, you can order as many muffin drop bundles as your heart desires.
  • Which Bundle Box is most popular? All of the boxes get love, but if you're new to The Muffin Drop the 'Variety Bundle Box' is a great place to start as you'll receive four different flavors in your box. 
  • Where can you ship to? We ship nationwide every Tuesday
  • When must my order be in by? We need to receive your order by 5 pm Monday evening to be included in our Tuesday shipment day. Orders placed after this time will be sent out the following week. 
  • Do your muffins contain any dairy? No! Our muffins are vegan :)
  • What about gluten? No as well! Our muffins are dairy, egg, gluten, grain, corn and soy-FREE! 
  • Do you accept returns? Once an order is placed it is final.