The Paleo Diet origins of our vegan and gluten-free muffin drops.

July 21st, 2022

The Paleo Diet origins of our vegan and gluten-free muffin drops.

The terms "Vegan" and "Paleo" in the same sentence may sound oxymoronic, but I can assure you this article will show the beauty in the contradiction.

Let's take a walk down muffin drop lane to begin.

It has come to my attention that I have created an entire company based around 2" x 2" mini muffins now referred to as "muffin drops".

These delicious bites are vegan & gluten-free - as am I! - while also being grain-free. They're fluffy in nature and are unexpectedly moist for being a gluten-free product.

And yes, I said it... I said moist. Over the past year I have become completely and utterly unfazed by this shivver-down-spine word as it's really the only description to get my point across. "Dry muffins do not exist here" should truly be our slogan.

But why is this something I need to make so abundantly clear you ask? It's cuz in the great year of 2015, when I converted fully to vegan & GF while battling Hashimoto's Thyroiditis, all I could taste in the realm of indulgent, baked-good deliciousness was quite literally the opposite of that. Desserts, sweet snacks... they were all dry, undersatisfying and simply a waste of money for the up-charge.

I couldn't accept this as my gluten-free fate.

'Dry Muffins Don't Exist Here' should be our slogan.

So what ya do about it Emily?

I'll tell you, but I'm not sure you'll believe little ol' plant-based me.

One of the first doctors to approach me with the idea food impacts healing was a holistic practitioner by the name of Dr. B. Let's just say he was obsessed with meat, making my ground zero an exploration of the famed carnivorous Paleo diet.

Dr. B's lifestyle wasn't super relatable to me. I'd never been a big meat-eater, and had also been learning about the power of plants on the thyroid during this time. But what I took from him was the idea of removing grains, dairy & processed sugar, which he explained were Paleo diet principles. Nuts, veggies, fruits, & clean oils were still in.

Once I learned you could make twix bars out of nut butters & coconut oil, my mind soared. Oh, you can turn dates into syrup? Amazing. You can grind up almonds and make a flour? Perfect. Little did I know these pieces of information were the building blocks to my future!

I'd go onto make a recipe for paleo banana chocolate chip muffins to share with friends and bring to family gatherings.

That recipe has now turned into this vegan & gluten-free muffin company.

It was all about the nuts.

Those paleo peeps love their nuts and so do we.

Our muffin drops are built with those healthy-fats-filled almonds & coconuts which lock in that moisture you feel and taste in every bite.

We're not giving out the special sauce, but rather explaining why you don't have to worry about missing out on the fun when it comes to our gluten-free treats. They'll satiate you and make you feel like you're just one of the girls, able to enjoy all the good stuff too. We don't subscribe to one set of food rules here but definitely look to all different kinds to pluck and learn from too.

Which is why it's just the best, oxymoronic synchronicity to me that my meat lovin' doctor helped to create our now very vegan company.

To that I say thanks Dr. B.



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