Relearning Disease as a 'Lack of Ease'.

                                                                                                            Note From Our Founder, Emily Eldh :

Until the 16th century, the word “disease” was defined as simply that, ‘A lack of ease’

Today we use the word “disease” as more of a label of sickness than a description that accompanies it. The etymology of this word shows “dis-ease” begins with a discomfort, an unrest potentially within oneself or with something in our lives. This unrest leading to a "lack of ease or comfort." Through my many years of Autoimmune struggles that began for me at 15, I have learned this origin of disease to be true. Our internal world plays a larger role in manifested symptoms than we have been taught, and this article alongside that original definition are here to shed some light on that.



Relearning The Roots Of Disease

We all go through periods of challenge with heightened stress and burdens on our plate, but when these discomforts compound over time, it can create a state of dis-ease in our body, leading to physical or mental disease.

Our mind is intricately connected to our body and therefore what we think, we can become. This goes for negative feelings and beliefs, emotional turmoil, and stress. When our mind and hearts are continuously feeling out of line, unbalanced, overrun, displaced - there’s a lack of harmony in our mind and body. We find ourselves in a state of dis-ease.

If we do not address our emotions, or release them, they can manifest physically. Examining root cause like this rather than just our symptoms can prevent them altogether.

From finding the harmony that can exist between mind and body, we can hope to find ourselves at true ease and find our bodies lacking any signs of dis-ease.

How To Rebalance The Mind & Body

If you have found yourself in a state of dis-ease, or dealing with “disease”, maybe this resonates with you. Begin to ask yourself this: where can I begin to rebalance my mind and body?

The first way to rebalance the mind and body is to evaluate the areas of your life where you feel the most dis-ease. Is it the career you're in? The people you spend time around? The city you live in? The habits you engage in? The food you eat? Is it that you're holding back or shying away from your authentic personality? Holding in trauma or negatively impactful experiences? Any or all of these things can create a lack of ease within ourselves and when combined with other unfavorable factors such as a poor diet or lifestyle choices, will create the perfect storm for turning into a physical disease.

So where in your life do you feel unaligned? If you find yourself pinpointing areas where you feel that 'lack of ease' it's amazing what you can find. Replacing these one-by-one with things that feel more aligned or at ease, you’ll begin to see the pieces of the puzzle come together. 

Taking Your Power Back

"The mind, heart, and body are interconnected and interdependent. Factors, conditions, and disease (both physical and psychological) state that 1 of these 3 components of a person can affect the other 2 components," (Levine)

While we’ve been taught that so many forms of diseases are generational, hereditary and completely out of our control or permanent. Redefining disease for yourself in a positive mindframe puts the control back into your hands. You do have the power to remove the things in your life that leave you in a lack of ease. Nothing has to be permanent. Nothing has to control you.

Once you have identified areas of your life where a lack of ease exists, the choice to redefine and reclaim those areas is yours. Because only you know yourself and what truly works or doesn't work for you. Only you can ultimately heal and reinstill ease in your mind and body. You have the power to shift your heart, your mind and begin to unravel the ties that have been holding you back and keeping you stuck.

Surround yourself with the people who support you most. Surround yourself with the people who stay when you begin following your heart, your true calling. Do the things you’ve been told you can’t do. Surprise yourself every time.

You have the power to reclaim the true health and vitality that has always belonged to you. You can make the choices you need in order to rebalance your mind and body. It's simply a matter of finding your way back to yourself.


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