ASMR-triggered conscious capitalism thoughts.

July 26th, 2022.

ASMR-triggered conscious capitalism thoughts.

A chocolate-tapping video induces thoughts on food production and its relation to modern conscious capitalism. And to all my ASMR watchers - pun intended.

ASMR & Conscious Capitalism?

After watching an ASMR YouTube video called “asmr tapping on chocolate,” I’ve come to realize that I really like knowing none of the ingredients in my muffin drops have harmed something.

What I mean by that is no animals have been harmed, specifically, in the making of my product.

I know there’s a lot of vegan rhetoric out in the world, and I’m not necessarily trying to add to it, but I’m a sensitive human. So much so that my boyfriend laughs every time I have to usher a fly out of the house instead of harming it.

The protection of beings feels so innate in my bones - a sentiment I know many share, but not to the extent of excluding them from their diets.

The pun gatekeeping is over ... ASMR "Trigger" Defined:
The mildly euphoric experience of being stimulated by certain visual or auditory stimuli, called triggers"

It's just a chocolate bar though!

This incredibly niche chocolate tapping video made my baker and food producer mind start to wander. My attention shifted into all of the production that goes into creating that Cookies n’ Cream Hershey’s bar now being used for its crinkly-wrapper noises.

Emily’s brain: How many cows are involved in the multi-billion-dollar production of these bars? Company at large? How much of this production is ethical? Damn that bar tastes soooooo gooood thoughhhhhhhh.

And I can confirm that I know it does.

This exact same chocolate bar was my absolute favorite when I was in middle school growing up in England. I can confidently say I was O-B-S-E-S-S-E-D with it!

I’d purchase her at this little spot called “The Student Center”curated for all of the students to get snacks and hang in. Our school was a so-called ‘American School’ where many ex-pat families enrolled their kids as their work contracts may only span two years.

Here kids could ignore having to adjust to a British curriculum and I could get little pieces of home through limited-access American candies and snacks.

Deliciousness, but make it harm-proof & plant-based.

This chocolate bar was the best and I totally get why a business like Hershey will most likely never meet an end!

It shouldn’t have to, but we can balance harmful production with innovation that ignores it. Ones which use plant-based technologies to remove animals from their make-up altogether, like ours does here at The Muffin Drop.

These thoughts enter my brain and are fleeting. Being plant-based works for me, and I really find solace knowing that no matter how big the production of our muffin drops becomes, some furry friends aren’t involved in it.

Conscious drops of yum which reflect who I am and my values in all of their fiber.

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