5 Minute Muffin Drop Yogurt Bowl

Oct 9, 2023

Five-Minute Muffin Drop Yogurt Bowl

The easiest vegan, gluten & grain-free way to incorporate our drops into a meal

Plant-based goodness in just a few minutes...

Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day - a small practice that can balance your blood sugar, hormones & fuel you properly for the day ahead… So what better way to begin the day than with a muffin drop morning yogurt bowl? This bowl is packed with fiber, healthy fats & plant protein, which is the perfect combination for stabilizing energy levels and mood.

The base of this bowl begins with one of my favorite dairy-free yogurts, coconut yogurt. A plant-based probiotic yogurt which is not only good for your gut, but tastes amazing! Coconut yogurt is also an incredible source of healthy saturated fats which promote satiety, so this breakfast bowl will fill you up and keep your blood sugar levels balanced until your next meal! Adding almond butter on top adds the perfect source of plant-based protein, which is an important addition to any breakfast dish in order to adequately create a balanced meal.

A muffin drop is the best addition to a yogurt bowl as it adds an extra source of healthy fats & fiber from whole ingredients like flax seeds, psyllium husk and coconut oil. Not to mention it provides a delicious texture and flavor in combination with the creamy yogurt, fruit and almond butter. All muffin drop flavors are great options for this bowl!

This recipe consists of just six ingredients, and can be made in under five minutes in the morning when you're on-the-go and don't have much time for creating in the kitchen. Next time you have some muffin drop muffins on hand, give this yogurt bowl a go and enjoy the benefits of a plant-based balanced breakfast to fuel your day!

Breakfast is a small practice that can balance your blood sugar, hormones & fuel you for the day ahead...

Bowl Recipe


1-3 Muffin Drops of your choice
½ cup coconut yogurt
¼ cup grain-free granola
Handful of organic sliced strawberries
1 tbsp organic almond butter
Drizzle honey or maple syrup to top


In a bowl, add your ½ cup coconut yogurt
Next, take your muffin drop and cut into 1/4 s or simply crumble with your hands over the bowl
Add a ¼ cup of grain-free granola for extra fiber & crunch.
Wash & slice a handful of organic strawberries and top as desired on the bowl.
Scoop 1 tbs of organic almond butter and drizzle over the toppings.
Finish with a drizzle of honey for an extra touch of sweetness and all the sweet benefits provided, like containing antioxidants, being antibacterial and the list goes on!

Written by Taylor Jenkins, Marketing Intern for The Muffin Drop

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